Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1. Modifications of Terms

To the extent permitted by law, Kinwong reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time. We recommend that you check the terms regularly for updates. Continued use of this Website after any such changes are released indicates that you understand and accept these changes.

2. Website Information and Explanation

Kinwong manages and operates this Website in Guangdong province, the People’s Republic of China. Although you can access this Website anywhere around the world, not all features, products, or services discussed, mentioned, supplied, or provided through or on this Website are available in all countries/regions. Should you choose to visit this Website from countries or regions outside China, you are liable for ensuring your compliance with all applicable local laws in regard to visiting this Website.

3. Website Content

This Website and all of its content, including but not limited to text, images, music, videos, animations, trademarks, patterns, charts, visual interfaces and coding (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”), as well as the concept, design, structure, expression, and display of the Content are owned, controlled, and used by Kinwong with legal authorizations. None of the Content can be used for any commercial purpose in any way without Kinwong’s prior written consent, unless otherwise specified in these terms of use. You can download information about Kinwong’s products and services from this Website provided that:

(1) It is used only for personal and not commercial purposes.

(2) No alterations of any kind are made to the information.

(3) No further statements or warranties are made to this information or files containing this information.

(4) No representations and/or notifications indicating Kinwong’s legal rights and interests in regard to our copyrights to this information are removed.

4. Rules of Use

(1) This Website and the Content cannot be used illegally or beyond the scope outlined in these terms of use, nor can they be used to violate the legal rights and interests of other persons or organizations. You cannot use any form of device, program or algorithm, including those that include spiders, robots, deep-links, page-scrapes, or any identical or similar methods to manually access, obtain, copy, or monitor any part of this Website or the Content. Additionally, you cannot visit, obtain, or copy materials, text, information or other content through methods not supplied by this Website.

(2) You shall not access or use without authorization any content or services on this Website through illegal hacking or password cracking attempts, or by any other illegal means. You shall not track, reverse lookup, crack, or decode any information about the users or visitors of the Website including but not limited to KINWONG ID not owned by you, and misuse or disclose any service or information on this Website in any way.

(3) You shall not test this Website and/or its network for vulnerabilities by scanning, or compromise the security or identity authentication measures adopted by this Website and its services. You shall not violate any of the security mechanisms or authentication measures utilized by this Website or networks that link to it. Neither shall you probe, scan, or otherwise test for any network weaknesses in relation to this Website, or launch any form of cyberattacks against it.

(4) You agree not to use any device, software, or program to interfere or try to interfere with the normal operations or others’ use of this Website, or any transactions made on this Website. You shall not engage in any actions that store unreasonable or disproportionate amounts of data on the infrastructures, systems, or networks of this Website, or systems or networks linked with this Website.

(5) You agree to comply with national laws, regulations, and social and public ethics when using this Website and the Content. You shall not use this Website and the Content to engage in any activities that violate laws, infringe upon others’ rights and interests, disturb social order, undermine social stability, or engage in any activities that may damage or attempt to damage computer systems and network security.

5. Account, Password, and Security

You may need to register or log in to your KINWONG ID in order to use certain features or services on this Website. You shall be fully responsible for keeping your account and password information secret and confidential, and liable for any behavior under your account in case such information is disclosed due to reasons caused by you. You shall inform Kinwong immediately of any account anomaly, including but limited to password being changed, or unauthorized login to or use of your account. You shall indemnify for losses suffered by Kinwong or other users of this Website if you fail to keep confidential of your account information and as a result, your KINWONG ID is used by others. You must not use others’ KINWONG ID without the explicit consent of the account holder. Kinwong shall not assume any responsibility for said losses arising from your breach of this Article.

6. External Links

This Website may contain links to other independent third-party websites, which are provided for your convenience only. Kinwong does not provide any warranties, either express or implied, regarding the content, services, and information provided on linked websites, nor shall these links be taken as Kinwong’s recommendation or authorization of the linked websites. You are responsible for your own decisions to interact with any and all linked websites. Kinwong shall not assume any responsibilities on this regard.

7. Privacy

The Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy is applied to this Website. You can read the details by clicking Privacy Policy at the bottom of each page. It should be noted that neither the network connection nor data transfer is completely safe nor confidential. Kinwong is unable to guarantee the security of the information you provide from being intercepted by others.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

(1) Trademarks: All trademarks and logos used and displayed on the Kinwong website are owned by Kinwong or its licensors. No content posted on Kinwong’s website shall be regarded as granting, in an implied, acquiescent or some other way, the permission or right to use these trademarks or logos without written permission from Kinwong or other parties. Without prior written permission, no one shall use Kinwong name, trademark or logo in any way.

(2) Copyrights: All materials and content posted on this Website are protected by copyright laws and owned by Kinwong, unless the ownership is otherwise specified. Without Kinwong’s or other concerned party’s prior written permission, the materials and content may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, reprinted, published, transmitted as a hyperlink, upload to other servers as images, stored in information retrieval systems, or used for any other commercial purposes. You are free to download or print for non-commercial purposes with all rights statements and labels reserved and without any modification.

9. Rights Reservation

Kinwong reserves the right to perform the following actions at any time without notice:

(1) Suspend or terminate the service of all or part of this Website at any time, irrespective of the reason;

(2) Fix or alter all or part of the Content as well as any applicable policies, terms or clauses;

(3) Suspend operation of all or part of the website for the purposes of maintenance, error corrections, or other such changes at regular or irregular intervals.

10. Disclaimer

Kinwong does not guarantee the availability, continuity and accessibility of this Website, its content nor its services, which are provided on an ‘as is’ basis. You, as the user, bear all responsibilities for your use of this Website and any linked websites. Should any or all services of this Website leave you unsatisfied, the only remedy for you is to stop using all or part of this Website, as part of your agreement with Kinwong in regard to your use of this Website. Publicly released information on this Website about the types of products and services available, including but not limited to product functions, specifications, parameters, technical standards, and service content may differ between countries/regions. Even the same product may vary in terms of product functions, specifications, parameters, and technical standards at its different stages of development. As website information may not be updated immediately with such changes, there may be variations between what you see online and what are sold on the market. Kinwong does not guarantee the correctness, completeness nor reliability of the content of this Website.

11. Limitations of Liabilities

Unless otherwise prohibited by law, Kinwong shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, disciplinary, incidental, or punitive damage, including but not limited to loss of benefits, to users in any case, even if Kinwong knows that the aforementioned damage may occur. If your use of this Website results in any form of damage or loss, the full and maximum compensation Kinwong and its partners may make to you will not exceed any subscription or similar fee amounts in relation to your use of the services or functions of this Website. Liability cannot be limited in regard to some legal aspects. Therefore the aforementioned limitation of liability may not be applicable to you.

12. Indemnity

For any third-party request, loss, responsibility, proposition, or expense (including lawyer’s fees) filed to Kinwong in regards or relating to your use of this Website, you agree to compensate Kinwong, its directors, employees, agents, partners and other licensed persons.

13. Independent Remedial Measures

Articles 11 “Limitation of Liabilities” and article 12 “Indemnity” are effective independently, even if it is considered that they cannot reach basic purposes or be forcibly executable. Liabilities in Articles 10 and 11 shall be applicable to the extent permitted by relevant effective laws, regardless of whether the loss is caused by: (a) breach of contract; (b) breach of warranty; (c) error or tort (including negligence or misrepresentations); (d) Strict responsibilities; (e) Any other reason.

14. Feedback

Any feedback you provide on this Website is regarded as non-confidential. Kinwong reserves the right to freely use this information.


15. Termination of Services

You agree that if Kinwong considers you to have breached any of these terms of use, Kinwong can terminate or block your access to this Website without prior notice at its own discretion. If Kinwong terminates your access to this Website as a result of your breach of these terms of use, Kinwong bears no responsibility towards you or any third party. You agree that Kinwong reserves the rights to terminate your access to all or part of this Website’s functions without prior notice to you at its own discretion, for reasons including but not limited to:

(1) In response to legal requirements or requirements of other government authorities.

(2) In response to your own request.

(3) Service interruption or major modification to this Website or any of its services.

(4) Unpredictable technological problems.


16. Governing Laws and Jurisdictions

The formation, fulfillment, and interpretation of these terms of use and any dispute arising out of or in connection with them are governed by the applicable laws of the People’s Republic of China. These terms of use are signed at Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, The People’s Republic of China. Any disputes arising from the content or performance of this Agreement between the two parties shall be settled through negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party can file a lawsuit with the people’s court with proper jurisdiction in the place where these terms of use are signed.

17. Miscellaneous Clauses

These terms of use constitute the full agreement between you and Kinwong in regard to the use of this Website, and replaces any and all prior written or oral agreements between you and Kinwong with regard to use of this Website. With the exception of what is stipulated in other signed agreements between you and Kinwong, Kinwong will not accept any counter-offers in regard to these terms of use.

If Kinwong does not strictly adhere to and carry out these terms of use, it should not be deemed as a waiver of rights by Kinwong regarding the content or the fulfillment of these terms. Any action taken between Kinwong and you or a third-party should not be deemed as an alteration to any of these terms.