About Kinwong

Technical Strength

Comprehensive R&D Team

The powerful R&D team is flooded with talents engaged in material study, new product development, manufacturing process design and optimization. Never stop their tapping into improvement on the fabricating process and techniques in high layer count, HDI, metal board, flexible, rigid-flexible, high frequency and some special boards, leading the technical innovation and product technology upgrade.

National/International Standard Involving

Participate in the opinion collection and translation of industry/national/international standard publishing or modification like IPC 2223‘Sectional Design Standard for Flexible/Rigid Flexible Printed Boards’ and IPC 6018’ Qualification and Performance Specification for High Frequency(Microwave) Printed Boards’, 14 in total.

Technology Achievement Transformation

Kinwong owns 170+ patents of invention and 220+patents of utility model. Publish more than 100 papers in the core journals. What’s more,18 international and 17 domestic scientific and technological appraisals of the c cutting-edge technology were successfully granted. Honored to be awarded with” Science and Technology Progress Award”multiple times in the province, city and district level.

ISO Approved Central Laboratory

Kinwong has invested nearly USD $7.6 million (RMB 50millions) to build the high-end leading Central Laboratory with 70+ sets of advanced test equipment and test items of 40+. In January 2017, Kinwong’s central lab received it’s “CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate” (CNAS L9568, equal to ISO/IEC 17025:2005). This certified Kinwong to perform professional testing and validation reports without 3rd party laboratory. This is a significant advantage for Kinwong’s customers as it shortens the customer’s lead times, ensures the quality of the boards and allows Kinwong to be highly competitive.