About Kinwong

Management System

Intensive Integrated Management System

Kinwong management system is a tool to give full play to the overall effectiveness, meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, national standards, relevant parties etc., fulfill its own economic, social and political responsibilities, and achieve the objectives of the organization.

Based on the idea to integrate “multiple standards”, Kinwong re-integrate all the resources and activities of the organization into an integrated management system, which is used as the regulation and guidance to implement, maintain and improve the process and system continuously.

Conflict mineral purchasing policy

We are committed not to accept metals from the conflict minerals area and to request suppliers:

  • Social environmental responsibilities must be fulfilled;
  • Ensure that products do not use conflict minerals from countries and regions in and around the Congo;
  • All suppliers shall complete the survey form by tracing the sources of gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn) , W (W), cobalt (Co) and palladium (Pd) of all products.
  • Convey this request to the upstream supplier.