Substrate-like-PCB (SLP)

Electronic products such as smartphones, tablets and wearable devices are becoming increasingly intelligent, thin and functional. Kinwong actively studies this technology trend, and invests in the construction of Zhuhai Substrate-like-PCB and IC Packaging substrate factory, so as to achieve technological breakthroughs such as more stacking layers, smaller line width and line spacing, and multi-function modules.

Zhuhai SLP mainly produces anylayer, IC substrates and substrate-like PCBs which up to 16 layers, they are ideal for consumer electronics (such as mobile phones, wearables, tablets, cameras, notebooks ), Internet of Things, industrial control and automotive electronics and other applications.

Product positioning:

mobile phone and consumer high step HDI boards, IC package substrates, automotive HDI, ≥100G communication optical module boards and substrate-like-PCBs.


  • Maximum layer count: 16 anylayer
  • The main material: low dielectric constant, low loss, low expansion coefficient material application
  • Process: subtractive process, mSAP process, amSAP process
  • Minimum laser hole diameter: 50um
  • Minimum solder mask opening: 80um
  • Minimum line width/spacing: 30/30um

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