Kinwong 9-N-9 HDI Interposer project achieves new breakthrough

February 7, 2022

KINWONG 9-N-9 HDI Interposer project achieves new breakthrough

Interposer packaging, as the current mainstream advanced packaging technology, mainly focuses on three aspects: light, thin and compact, high-speed signal, density and pitch reduction. It puts forward extremely strict requirements for PCB wiring density, signal integrity, and reliability.

Kinwong Zhuhai SLP factory has developed 9-N-9 HDI Interposer products with end customers, which are applied to high-performance CPUs, including buried and blind via designs and use low loss & ultra low loss high speed materials for mixing.

In response to Interposer PCB technical requirements, Kinwong SLP factory has carried out research on a series of key technologies, such as contraption precision control, multiple pressing dimensional stability control, blind hole electroplating filling technology, high-speed material mixing technology, high-precision impedance control, interconnection reliability, and achieved significant breakthroughs. We successfully completed the development of the 9-N-9 HDI Interposer product with the characteristics of “high layer count” and “high end HDI”, completed the product delivery, and gained full recognition from the first-line terminal customers, enhancing the influence of Kinwong HDI product technology in the industry.

With the diversification of integrated circuit applications, 5G, IoT, high-performance servers and other emerging fields put forward higher requirements for advanced packaging technology, Interposer packaging will be widely used and promoted.The smooth development of Interposer project products will further expand the market of high-end, high value-added products for Kinwong to win a broad market prospect, and achieve technology-driven high-quality development.