Kinwong Shines at 2021 NEPCON NAGOYA

October 31, 2021

October 27-29, 2021, the three-day exhibition 2021 NEPCON NAGOYA was successfully held at Portmesse Nagoya, Japan. NEPCON NAGOYA is the leading exhibition in Japan, bringing together the latest technologies and products of electronic R&D and manufacturing such as chip mounter, test equipment, electronic components/materials, PCBs and so on. As one of the largest printed circuit board manufacturers in the world, Kinwong Electronics was invited to participate in the exhibition. We grandly exhibited the latest circuit boards such as HLC and SLP boards and manufacturing technologies.

Kinwong exhibited many advantageous products such as metal-based boards, flexible circuit boards, and HDI. In addition, Kinwong brought the latest high layer count boards and substrated-like PCBs. Many customers such as TOYOTA,DENSO,Nidec,Mitsubishi,MUKUNI,MITSUBISHI came to the booth and had a pleasant exchange with Kinwong.

About Kinwong Electronics:

Kinwong is the world’s leading PCB manufacturer, ranked third in the Top 100 domestic-founded PCB companies in China. We have 11 plants, 14,000 employees worldwide and revenue up to 7 billion CNY in 2020. Kinwong’s products cover multilayer board, substrated like board, copper inlay, high frequency and high speed board, metal base circuit board, double-sided/multi-layer flexible circuit board, high density flexible circuit board, HDI board, rigid flexible board, special material PCB, etc.

Following the successful operation of the jiangxi plant in 2018, Kinwong invested 5 billion CNY to build a high-layer-count factory, substrated like and IC packaging substrate factory in Zhuhai in 2021, which covers an area of 150,000 ㎡, and carries Kinwong’s 28 years of technological innovation and manufacturing experience.

The HLC factory focuses on communication, network, server, memory, compatible with automotive, security, industrial control and other products. SLP factory focuses on anylayer, substrated like and IC substrate boards, which are used in consumer electronics, IoT applications, industrial control and automotive electronics.