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Kinwong CEO Mr. Liu was selected as the Leader of High-quality Development in Shenzhen in 2021 (2)

Kinwong CEO Mr. Liu was selected as the Leader of High-quality Development in Shenzhen in 2021

On November 3, 2021, the 2nd High Quality Development Summit Forum and 2021 High Quality Development Leading Enterprises and Leading Figures Award ceremony was held in Shenzhen Zhongzhou Marriott Hotel. Kinwong Chairman Mr. Liu was awarded the 2021 Shenzhen High Quality Development Leader. In order to promote the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” enterprises to practice the concept of high-quality development, guide enterprises to achieve higher levels of self-reliance and self-improvement through scientific and technological

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2021年10月27—29日,为期三天的2021 NEPCON JAPAN在日本名古屋国际展览中心(Portmesse Nagoya)成功举办。NEPCON NAGOYA 是日本领先的展会,汇集了贴片机、测试设备、电子元器件/材料、PCB 等电子研发和制造的最新技术和产品。作为世界上最大的印制电路板制造商之一,景旺电子受邀参展,展示了最新的电路板与制造技术。

Kinwong Shines at 2021 NEPCON NAGOYA

October 27-29, 2021, the three-day exhibition 2021 NEPCON NAGOYA was successfully held at Portmesse Nagoya, Japan. NEPCON NAGOYA is the leading exhibition in Japan, bringing together the latest technologies and products of electronic R&D and manufacturing such as chip mounter, test equipment, electronic components/materials, PCBs and so on. As one of the largest printed circuit board manufacturers in the world, Kinwong Electronics was invited to participate in the exhibition. We grandly exhibited the latest circuit

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Longchuan Kinwong enters 2021 Top 500 Private Enterprises in invention patents

In the 2021 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Private Enterprises Science and Technology Innovation Summit and Private Enterprises Science and Technology Achievements Docking conference held on October 11, 2021, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce released the list of “2021 Top 500 Private Enterprises in Invention Patents”. Longchuan Kinwong ranked no. 427 on the table. Kinwong follows the development path of “winning with technology”, regards technological innovation as the top priority of future development,

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Kinwong circuit boards used in the large display of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Kinwong’s sales team confirmed with customers that the circuit boards in the large display of Panasonic used in the main venue and related venues of the Tokyo Olympics were manufactured at Kinwong’s Longchuan production site. Kinwong’s excellent quality has been highly praised by customers. Kinwong Electronics has focused on the PCB manufacturing industry for 28 years, providing customers with the most reliable electronic circuit solutions.

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Kinwong hosts grand opening for HLC & SLP Factories.

Kinwong hosts grand opening for HLC factory & SLP factory

Kinwong celebrated the opening of its two new manufacturing factories, HLC factory and SLP IC substrate factory Sunday, July 18,in Zhuhai. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in Jinwan District, Zhuhai City. Some government officials and personnel from the Circuit Board Association, as well as guests, partners, news media friends and other guests who have long supported the development of Jingwang were invited to attend. Including: Mr. Liu Jiawen, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of

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Kinwong shines at 2021 Auto Tech Expo

Kinwong was invited to participate in the Guangzhou International Automotive Technology Expo 2021. Kinwong is a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, especially in the field of automotive circuit board, Kinwong’s technology is unique. Kinwong ranked No. 1 in the automotive PCB segment market in China in 2019.

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