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Kinwong Jiangxi Base was selected as “Jiangxi Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmarking Enterprise”.

Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangxi Province released the list of benchmarking enterprises for intelligent manufacturing in Jiangxi Province in 2020. As a model factory for intelligent manufacturing in the industry, Kinwong Jiangxi intelligent factory is selected as “benchmarking enterprise for intelligent manufacturing in Jiangxi Province” with the deep integration of innovation-driven industrialization and information technology. Kinwong actively plays the leading role of smart manufacturing benchmarking enterprises to promote the collaborative

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Kinwong and ZTE hold quality exchange seminar (1)

Kinwong and ZTE held quality exchange training sessions at Kinwong Shenzhen base

On January 12, 2021, the “Kinwong & ZTE Quality Exchange Training Conference” was held at the Shenzhen base. Mr. Zeng Fulin, Senior Technical and Quality Expert of New Product Import and Material Technology Department of ZTE, and Mr. Lin Bin, Chief Production and Quality Engineer, gave lectures at the training session. Kinwong attaches great importance to every opportunity of quality communication and training with customers and strives to be the most reliable PCB supplier in

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Kinwong ranked 46th in the “Top 100 Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry of Guangdong Province in 2020”

On December 4, 2020, sponsored by Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association, “The 5th Member Representative Conference of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association in 2020 and Guangdong New Generation Information Industry Development Forum” was grandly held in Guangzhou. The certificate of Top 100 enterprises in comprehensive strength of Guangdong electronic information manufacturing industry was issued at the meeting.Kinwong tops the list at No. 46. As a benchmark enterprise in China’s printed circuit board industry, Kinwong has

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Kinwong Shines at 2020 South China Circuit Board International Trade and Purchase Expo

The 2020 South China Circuit Board International Trade and Procurement Expo created by Guangdong Circuit Board Industry Association (GPCA) came to a grand end on November 5.Kinwong, as the vice president of Guangdong Electronic Circuit Industry Association (GPCA), presented the latest circuit board products and latest technology at the 3-day exhibition, which included exhibitions, forums and activities. Kinwong’s new technology and new products have attracted the attention of many customers and friends. Its exhibits cover

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Kinwong was named as one of the top 100 most valuable listed main board companies in China.

On August 28, 2020, “the 14th Most Valuable Listed Companies in China”, guided by People’s Daily Financial Media Group, and sponsored by the Securities Times, announced the results. The evaluation on the value used quantitative and qualitative methods and selected the winner by sorting up, comparing, calculating financial and investing indicators of the listed companies and considering the assessment of industrial organizations on corporate governance and finance. Kinwong was named as one of the top

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Kinwong appeared in CPCA SHOW 2020 Shanghai International Electronics Circuit Exhibition

On August 25-27, 2020, the three-day CPCA SHOW 2020 Shanghai International Electronics Circuit Exhibition was grandly opened in National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai. Kinwong participated in the exhibition as invited, displaying many products such as the rigid-flex PCB, high frequency and speed PCB, metal base PCB, double-layer/multilayer flexible PCB, high density flexible PCB, and HDI PCB. Those PCB products are widely used in the area of automotive electronics, telecommunication, computer and networking devices, consumer

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